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Recent Issues

Recent Issues

An illustration of President John L. Lahey on the Mount Carmel Campus quad graces the cover of the Spring 2018 magazine

Spring 2018

Lahey’s Legacy
We look back on John L. Lahey’s 31 years at the helm of Quinnipiac and the remarkable growth he helped engineer with students and the value of their degrees at the heart of every decision he made.

Double Time
Students and alumni love Quinnipiac’s accelerated dual-degree programs that offer an innovative, cost-effective way to earn a bachelor’s degree in three years and a master’s degree in one year and stay ahead of the job-market curve.

Sick and Tired
Carol Sirot has suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for most of her life. Her generous gift will contribute to the body of knowledge about CFS and raise awareness of it among health sciences and medical students.

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A black, red, blue and yellow illustration of medical professional silhouettes

Summer 2017

The Perfect Match
All 58 members of the first graduating class of the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine matched to residencies, a milestone for the new school. For two of the new doctors, Alyson Cunningham and Venkat Subramanyam, the match was a double cause for celebration when they learned where they’d be going.

Taste of Italy
Italian studies professor Filippo Naitana teaches the culture and history of Italy by exploring its foods and culinary traditions.

Stable Condition
Occupational therapy professor Donna Latella uses horses to help Quinnipiac students who are veterans work through post-traumatic stress disorder and other service-related anxiety.

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A tree frog graces the cover of the Winter 2017 Quinnipiac Magazine

Winter 2017

The Frog Whisperer
Biomedical sciences professor Lisa Cuchara is also an award-winning photographer whose portrait subjects include the more than 70 pet frogs she owns.

Too Close to Call
The director of the Quinnipiac Poll predicted a close presidential race in early October, when polls showed Donald Trump closing in on Hillary Clinton in some states. 

Looking for Home
Medical student Sara Rahman was profoundly touched by her experiences volunteering at a camp for Syrian refugees in Greece.

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An illustration of a student standing on a map of New England is on the cover of the Spring 2016 issue of Quinnipiac Magazine

Spring 2016

Primary Roles
Twenty students traveled to Manchester, New Hampshire, to stump for their chosen candidates and found themselves in the midst of the action, rubbing elbows with media and politicians and getting the experience of a lifetime.

Crushing It!
From northern California to Hungary, three alumni and trustee couples are selecting and planting grapes and finding success in the wine business.

Street Talk
Don Sawyer, assistant professor of sociology, is using rap as an educational tool to reach at-risk New Haven high school students, who, in turn, have performed in Sawyer’s Sociology of Hip-Hop Class.

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A boy with one arm holds a basketball on the cover of the Fall 2015 issue of Quinnipiac Magazine

Fall 2015

Positively Limitless
Hayden Piterski is used to surprising people with his catching and throwing abilities, but the teen born with a missing limb felt right at home at Camp No Limits at Quinnipiac University, coordinated by three doctor of physical therapy students.

Bracing for Impact
A Virginia woman with adult rickets is standing a bit taller these days, thanks to the efforts of Michael Campbell ’99, a doctor who performed groundbreaking surgery to straighten her legs.

Graphic & Novel
Nursing students are learning to analyze blood gas test results, thanks to a grant and a collaboration with game design students who created a quick, easy-learning tool in the form of a video game.

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An illustration of a male shadow is on the cover of the Summer 2015 issue of Quinnipiac Magazine

Summer 2015

Appreciated Asset
Patrick J. Healy ’66 has been the financial force behind Quinnipiac’s dynamic transformation. Set to retire, he looks back on 43 years of controlling the purse strings.

To Their Credit
Head coach Rand Pecknold says his goal is for members of the men’s ice hockey team to not only graduate, but accelerate. Many are accomplishing that by earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four years.

Engineers Bridge Technology & Innovation
Engineers solve the world’s problems through innovation, and Quinnipiac is doing its part to educate the next generation of engineers to meet the rising demand over the next decade.

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A female law student pictured in the School of Law on the North Haven Campus is on the cover of the Winter 2015 issue of Quinnipiac Magazine

Winter 2015

Dream Jobs
Four alumni who have realized their career ambitions tell what it’s like to own a restaurant, have the keys to a candy store, appear in a self-focused reality show and hire celebrities for special events.

About Face
Medical student Katelyn Norman’s fascination with forensics, blended with her knowledge of anatomy and flair for drawing, have culminated in a project she handled for the chief medical examiner’s office.

Raising the Bar
The new School of Law Center on the North Haven Campus has imbued students with a sense of professionalism, from the clinics and dispute resolution suite to the Ceremonial Courtroom and offices for student organizations. 

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