Past Issue

The cover of the Summer 2017 issue of Quinnipiac Magazine features an illustration of doctors with stethoscopes

Spring 2018

In our Spring 2018 issue, look back on President John L. Lahey’s time at the helm of the university and how his influence has led to unparalleled growth of the Quinnipiac community. We also feature some of our unique learning opportunities available at the university, including our accelerated dual-degree programs and cultural and global engagement programs. Read all of these stories and more by accessing the magazine in full at the link below, or by reading each feature article in the sections further down the page.

Feature Stories

Lahey’s Legacy

Students and the value of their degrees were at the heart of every decision John L. Lahey has made in his 31 years at the helm of Quinnipiac. With the remarkable growth he helped engineer, he will retire in June satisfied that he fulfilled his mission to bring national prominence to a small local college.

Illustration of two doctors, one woman wearing a stethoscope and the other a man within a heart
Two bushels of green, orange and red tomatoes from an outdoor market

Double Time

Students and alumni love Quinnipiac’s accelerated dual-degree programs that offer an innovative, cost-effective way to earn a bachelor’s degree in three years and a master’s degree in one year and stay ahead of the job-market curve.

Sick and Tired

Carol Sirot has suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for most of her life. She knows the  condition can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Her generous gift will contribute to the body of knowledge about CFS and raise awareness of it among health sciences and medical students.

A student sets up a camera on a tripod in a studio setting while studying abroad in Los Angeles
A student veteran gently brushes the side of a large horse standing in a stable


Everybody procrastinates sometimes, but when it becomes an individual’s work ethic of choice, trouble often follows, whether it’s failed classes or being fired. In fact, the habit is so pervasive that behavioral science has identified six different categories of procrastinators. The good news — they can all be cured!

World Class

The cultural and global engagement programs at Quinnipiac are rich with learning opportunities in homes, schools, clinical settings and businesses. During the trips, community-based relationships are built with laughter, tears and trust, a commitment that gives students and faculty a chance to connect with families in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Barbados, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Illustration of a small figure being overwhelmed in a blizzard-type storm with blues, whites and grays