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Winter 2017

In our Winter 2017 issue, you’ll learn about three visiting Nobel Peace Prize recipients from war-torn countries, an engineering student’s precious gift to a boy with cerebral palsy and a hobby that keeps biomedical sciences professor Lisa Cuchara hopping. Read all of these stories and more by accessing the magazine in full at the links below, or by reading each feature article in the sections further down the page.

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Feature Stories

The Frog Whisperer

Biomedical sciences professor Lisa Cuchara is also an award-winning photographer whose portrait subjects include the more than 70 pet frogs she owns. Between teaching, research, nature photography and instructing pathology assistant students in forensic photography, her busy life keeps her hopping.

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Too Close to Call

The director of the Quinnipiac Poll predicted a close presidential race in early October, when polls showed Donald Trump closing in on Hillary Clinton in some states. In fact, Doug Schwartz says their final polls were within 3 points of the actual results, well within the margin of error. So why were most people surprised?

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Hungry Homeless Hopeful

Medical student Sarah Rahman was profoundly touched by her experiences volunteering at a camp for Syrian refugees in Greece. The worst part of the job, for her, was rationing food to people trying to remain hopeful in the face of tragedy.

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Team Mobile

One little boy unable to walk because of cerebral palsy received the gift of motion from engineering student Rachel Davis and several professors who put their heads together to build him a neon yellow, remote-controlled eletric car.

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Peace Work

The Albert Schweitzer Institute brought three female Nobel Peace Prize recipients from Iran, Yemen and Liberia to campus for a lecture in which they described how women and young people organized to effect change and denounce crimes against humanity.

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Code for Success
Reshma Saujani helps young women narrow the gender gap by offering them opportunities to explore careers in engineering and computer science.

Finish Line
Clinical psychologist Joseph Galasso '00 founded the Special Spartans race, which motivates children with special needs to tackle new challenges and build confidence on an obstacle course designed for them.

Junior Brenda Alderete knows what it's like to have a song shoot to the top of the charts. In fact, she's released two of them on iTunes.


Cold, Hard Facts
Bobcats goalie Chris Truehl dreams of a pro hockey career despite a medical condition that causes him to be allergic to ice and sensitive to the cold.


Class of '98 grads Thomas Kelly and Chris Delenick share fond memories of Father Louis Evangelisto. They say he "believed in the inherent good in all of us."

At the Pentagon
Major Jamahl Evans, JD '00, puts his law degree to work at the Pentagon as a financial management officer. He makes sure his fellow Marines get the best training and equipment.

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